10 types of sleepers you’ll encounter in life

Who doesn’t love to sleep? It’s one of the best things that we do, especially our generation. A proper 8 hours sleep (sometimes even more than 8 hours) can refresh your body, brain and make you energetic.

People tend to sleep in different positions and ways that are most comfortable to them (sometimes uncomfortable for others). Today we are going to look at the different types of sleepers.

The Log:

These are sleepers who never wake up no matter what. Noise from the stadium, thunder, earthquake or even an apocalypse can’t wake them up. Once asleep, they go wood dead and no amount of effort can wake them up unless you drown them.

The Yogi:

These type of sleepers can fall asleep in any position, even unimaginable ones at times. Their hands can be up their heads or on their butts, legs facing south and various other poses.

The Snorer:

Basically, we all snore from time to time when we sleep, especially if we’re tired. But there are some people who can make your nights miserable. How can you sleep comfortably when the person next to you sounds like a lion (sometimes literally?)

Yes, there are sleepers who can really snore in a way that you could hear them from across the street. Solutions to tackle such sleepers: earplugs, pushing them off the bed or lightly pinching their nose until they are forced to become a mouth breather.

The Difficult to Wake Sleeper:

Well, you make think this type is similar to the log. But there is a difference here. When you wake these types of sleepers up, they actually wake up! However, they may walk and you may find them sleeping again.

You wake them up again and there is a high possibility you may find them fall asleep again in the bathroom. They just can’t wake up right!

The Everywhere Sleeper:

These are types of sleepers who always wake up and their bed sheet is not on the bed anymore. They tend to toss and turn and sleep everywhere on the bed. One time, you see them sleeping like a soldier and later find them sprawling on the bed with their arms and legs all over the place.

The Hugger

These types of sleepers are love bugs. They can’t sleep without holding you in a tight embrace. Nothing in their reach is safe and while their iron grip is hard to break, you can stall them using pillows.

The Jerker:

You should really be aware of this type. They are the most violent ones. They will often make sudden moves while asleep in accordance with their dreams. Be careful of such sleepers for they may lead to injury if there are other people in the proximity of their flailing limbs.

The Mumbler:

Ever woken up in middle of the night due to weird voices? Well, you are dealing with the category of sleep talkers. These are sleepers who can actually tell a whole story while sleeping. It can be cute and humorous although sometimes results in truth spilling and revealing secrets.

The Sleep Walker:

These are dangerous people. Stay away from them for they can make your life, actually, nights a living hell! Imagine waking up and seeing someone walking like a ghost around in the night. Sleep walkers can scare the heck out of someone.

Well, you could invite them to a Halloween party and let them unleash at night!

We’ve told you about the possible types of sleepers. So which one are you?


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