Mattress Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid At All Times

Cleaning the home before Diwali is an annual chore that most Indian households undertake. From cleaning the ceiling to polishing utensils, every aspect is looked into. Some even give their homes a makeover. However, there’s one thing in the house that always gets neglected while cleaning- the mattress and the sofa.  And even if we attack them, we often make grave blunders while doing so. Today, we are going to talk about the mistakes that we make while cleaning the mattress.

Cleaning the mattress using water

It’s the festive season and you’ll surely be entertaining guests at home. Now there are chances that you may spill a drink on your bed. And if there are children around, the chances of spillage increase multifold. Whenever we spill something on the bed, we tend to use water and soap to get rid of the stains. Well, we are sorry but this is a very common mistake that most homeowners make. Avoid wetting the mattress and the sofa at all times. A reliable mattress and sofa cleaner will specifically mention not to wet the mattress in case of spillage as it damages the mattress upholstery.

Using a beater to clean the mattress or the sofa

We live polluted times. As much as pollution damages our skin, it also affects our home. Mattresses and sofas usually end up becoming the victims of pollution. They contain a lot of dust and bugs that can be quite harmful for people with breathing problems, etc. Most homeowners use a beater to clean the mattress and the sofa. However, this doesn’t remove the dust, bugs or the mites. In fact, this is an ineffective way of cleaning the sofa and the mattress. 

Using multi-purpose vacuum cleaners

Another common mistake that people make is to use a normal vacuum cleaner to tidy the bed and the mattress. Multi-purpose vacuum cleaners are not ideal for cleaning beds and upholstery as they are not specifically designed to clean you mattress foam. This is where experts come in for they have the right vacuum cleaner that allows deep vacuuming the mattress and sofa. Deep vacuuming rids the upholstery of all dirt, mites and bugs. Also, all you need is just 2 hours and professional mattress services will make your upholstery spic and span.

A clean mattress: the bottom line

These are some of the common mistakes that we make while cleaning our mattress. However, it is essential to get the mattress and sofa cleaned not just during Diwali but every six months. The ideal way is to avail professional mattress cleaning services.  You may think why professionals when you can clean your mattress and sofa by yourself. The answer is simple- a professional is better than a layman. It’s not just superficial santization, but a proper, scientific technique that professionals employ for mattress cleaning- complete with fancy steam cleaning machines and all. And who better than Gaadlawala GarageMattress cleaning is a hassle but they’ll make sure your mattress and sofas are germ free for a long time. They use strong shampooing agents to remove stains, spots, and ground-in dirt or soil. Proper techniques that involve deep vacuuming of the surface leave your bed feeling fresh and new again and all this in a span of just two hours. They bring to you mattress and sofa cleaning services starting at Rs 400/- while saving your health, your sleep, your mattress, and your wallet.

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