Men need pampering, too!

Guys- they do so much to pamper the women in their life. Even if not all the time, every now and then, they go out of their way to spoil us and make us feel on top of the world.

Whether its flowers, chocolates, candle-lit dinners or merely letting us have our beauty sleep, guys do all the planning and hard work. We may love our man and even show him our love; don’t you think they, too, deserve to be indulged a little?

Though guys try to put on a masculine image, and love baby-ing their girls, it’s not like they don’t love to be pampered themselves!

Now if you’re confused and don’t know how to pamper the man in your life, we’ve got it. Here are some small, some sweet gestures that will make him feel loved:-

Watch a match with him or a movie that he likes

He watches all the rom-coms with you when you really want him to, right? Now, that it is your chance to pamper him, watch a sci-fi or action movie that he’s wanted to watch. You could watch a match that his favourite team is playing and also cheer for them for some extra brownie points.

Also, pair it up with a gift- get him the cool Gaadlawala® hipflask so he can enjoy sipping his favourite spirit throughout the match or the movie.

Don’t complain!

 Yes, you heard it right ladies! If you really want to pamper your man, don’t whine to him. Now, you may want to tell him how terrible your day has been and it is impossible that you don’t complain to him at all.

What you could do is, don’t complain to him the moment he steps into the house. Instead, greet him with a “hello” and a sweet smile. It’ll make him feel great! Trust us.

Cook (or get) something he loves to eat!

This is a traditional way of telling him that you care. After a long day’s work, let him come home to his choicest home cooked meal or even a dessert. It need not be anything fancy.

You could buy his favourite food the next time you are at a store or run out to get his favourite ice-cream. It’ll make him feel special after all!

Sweet nothings…

Whether you say it, write it or even text it- tellhim how much he means to you. Pen down your feelings and attach the note with his lunch box or leave sticky notes around. Heartfelt words are the most powerful!

If you don’t want to express it just through words, you could get him a dapper combo hamper from Gaadlawala® Garage and attach a cute a little note with it.

Gift him something nice- just because…

Who said you only need to gift men on their birthday or other special occasions? Get him something on a completely random day. Just because.

And what’s better than gifting your man a comfortable pair of a nightwear set? Trust us when we say that guys love to spend a lousy night in a good pair of nightsuits. And Gaadlawala® Garage has just the right collection of men’s sleepwear.

Let him catch a peaceful wink!

We always talk about women needing beauty sleep but men, too, need to have a peaceful slumber. After spending long hours at work and jostling various pressures, all a guy wants to do is rest well and get an undisturbed shut-eye!

You could enhance his sleep by getting him all the ingredients for a great night’s sleep- a clean mattress, essential oils, an eye mask and more from the Gaadlawala® Garage.

Girls, it’s not so much about over-the-top gestures. Think about little ways in which you can make him feel loved!

Also, if you don’t get your man what he wants, he might just go online and buy all his favourite things. Yes, Gaadlawala® Garage, a guy’s ultimate bff, is now online!

So girls, don’t be surprised if your guy goes on a self-pampering spree with Gaadlawala® Get Up. You too could pamper yourself with a slumber party hamper or the ultimate sleep hamper from Gaadlawala® Gifiting.

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