Mosquito Wars- tackling bites one at a time

Hello rains! And well… hello, mosquitoes!

Yes, it’s that time of the year where rains have brought some respite from the scorching heat. However, they’ve also opened doors (and windows too) to whining invaders- mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes- tiny pesky creatures out to ruin your monsoon. No matter what you say, they suck, pun intended! They not only ruin your outdoor plans but also disrupt your sleep.

These annoying little beings have existed in the world for more than 210 million years. Even philosophers like Aristotle didn’t understand the reason for a mosquito’s existence!  They are probably the only creatures that get killed all the time and no social activist stands up against the slaughter.

Of course! A dreadful bite from a mosquito could give you a dengue or a malaria scare. But, fret not! While we may be far away from completely eliminating these creatures from our planet, we’ve found various ways to tackle the bite.

Here’s what you could do to keep those blood-sucking (in literal sense) monsters away from you:-

Blow mosquitoes away with a fan!

Mosquitoes have a really tough time flying in almost any wind. So, a fan aimed in the direction where you are sitting can help repel those buzzing creatures to some extent.

Set out some citronella candles

Citronella is believed to be a natural mosquito repellent. Citronella candles are a popular approach to ward off mosquitoes but they have to be in the direct path between you and those biting fellas.

Clear the clutter!

Mosquitoes have a tendency to breed in cluttered spaces. Once you do away with all the mess in your house, those buzzing monsters won’t have a place to hide in!

Rub some repellent on your skin

There are various mosquito repellent lotions available in the market. The concentration of these lotions, just like the concentration of SPF in sunscreen, doesn’t determine how well it’ll work but rather how long it’ll last.  You could reapply these repellents when you think that the effect has begun to slow down.

Sleep under a net! (This is our favorite)

Screen in your bed with a custom mosquito protection net. It’ll not only keep the mosquitoes away but also add a rustic and vintage charm to your room.

There are various mosquito nets online but you surely want something that is going to offer you 100% respite from the blood-sucking, biting monsters.

Gaadlawala® guards bring you mosquito protection net which ensures mosquitoes are kept at bay and you have a restful night’s slumber. Available for both double and single beds, you can shop the mosquito protection net here


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