Wedding gifts you can’t go wrong choosing

Wedding season is here and oh boy, are we excited! There’s nothing better than seeing your near and dear ones brace themselves as they walk down the aisle (excuse us while we find a pack of tissue).

Besides the awed, tear-jerking vows, there’s the dress, the flowers, the dance and lots of fun to look forward to. But before we get too carried away, there’s this one little thing!

With the wedding season, comes the wedding gift season which rears its (anxiety-inducing) head. And the process of finding a wedding present can be a beast!

Finding the gift isn’t always easy. Some might already own a lot of things. So the best is to gift them something they’ll adore- some sound sleep perhaps!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite and it’s not just cutlery!

Bedding and Bath

Now, an entire bed is a lot to ask for (or gift) but a comfy white bedsheet is the next best choice!

These sheets feel soft and luxe and the newly-weds will surely love this gift. You could combine this with a good range of hand towel, bath towels, and bath sheets. Look for 100% cotton with a long pile to maintain softness.

Scented Candles and Diffuser

You don’t want to be the one who got the happily married couple a dinner set (unless they collect china)!

This is where scented candles come to the rescue. In our humble opinion, there really is no occasion where a scented candle won’t make the perfect gift.

Not only they are thoughtful, good value for money but also offer mood boosting properties, luxurious appeal and harmonious relaxing qualities. Different fragrances will host different qualities and the various aromas can in turn evoke feelings, emotions and affect the mood of its recipient. For example, lavender fragrances are renowned for being relaxing.

The Ultimate Sleep Hamper

Weddings are tedious and the end of all rituals, a couple needs to relax and rewind. Gift the happily married a gift they’ll love- sound sleep. The ultimate sleep hamper comes inclusive of a comfy white bedsheet set, some white wine to relax after a tiresome day, a set of body towel, face towel and hand towel, some essential lavender oil and diffuser, an eye-mask to shut all the light out and much more.

You could also mix and match so there’s something for both the bride and groom. And you could customize the packaging too.

Gaadlawala Garage brings to you the most unique gifting items that’ll make the day for the newly-weds a memorable one!

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