What does your night suit color say about you?

Navratri, the festival of dance is here! However, it is also known as the festival of 9 hues as every color holds some significance during Navratri. While the festival means donning vibrant attire and dancing Garba, why not adopt the nine colors into your bedtime too? Yes, we are talking about wearing the nine colors to bed as well! Since, the festive season is here; today we’ve taken the liberty of talking about the significance of major colors and what they reveal about the person wearing them. So, here’s what your favorite colors say about you:

Royal Blue

You are: Calm, cool yet possess strong energy! Blue, the color of the ocean, is often associated with the feelings of serenity. So, those who love wearing blue are often able to find solace and tranquility in places where others do not. People who love to wear blue are said to reliable, easy to along with and for lack of better word, lovable! If you don’t have blue nightwear in your closet, buy gaadlawala garage’s royal blue polka dot pyjama set at https://gaadlawalagarage.com/collections/pyjama-suits/products/royal-blue-polka-dot-pyjama-set


You are: Friendly and cheerful as ever! Yellow, the color of friendship, is known for its sunny dispositions. All those who love wearing yellow are a fun and cheerful lot. They are full of creative ideas and always maintain a cheerful exterior!


You are: Bold and ready to make a lasting impression! People who love to wear red are said to be extroverted, optimistic, courageous and confident. They crave attention and make friends easily. So, if you love wearing red, you are someone who easily attracts people towards you and you can make hearts beat faster! You can buy a red night suit at https://gaadlawalagarage.com/collections/boxer-tshirt/products/polka-boxer-tshirt


You are: Highly energetic, optimistic and good natured! Orange represents the boldness of red and cheerfulness of yellow. People who love to wear this color are assertive without being aggressive- a useful skill. They are often good at socializing and bringing people together.


You are: Balanced and practical in your approach! Green is often associated to nature. People who wear green often are said to greatest balance between their head and heart. Lovers of green are often practical and have high moral standards and enjoy being part of a community or a group. So, our advice is to start wearing green more often, not just in the day but also while going to sleep. Buy green nightwear here: https://gaadlawalagarage.com/collections/tracks-tshirt/products/green-striped-tshirt-tracks


You are: naïve, sweet and caring! Pink lovers are the nurturers of the world. They also like being nurtured in return.People who wear pink are generally optimistic and see the good in others. They come across as the sweetest human beings.


You are: conventional, dependable, and practical! Grey is a color that is neither as dark as black nor light as white. People who love wearing grey are often sophisticated and lack the negativity of black. If you love wearing grey, you tend to prefer a sense of calm and composure, relief from the chaotic world. You can buy grey nightwear at https://gaadlawalagarage.com/collections/pyjama-suits/products/grey-plain-chambray-pyjama-set

Sky Blue

You are: sincere, loyal and reliable! Color of the sky, it is one of the calmest colors that inspires love and fidelity. Blue’s wisdom comes from its higher level of intelligence, a spiritual perspective. People who love wearing blue are strong, steadfast and friendly. If you don’t have blue night wear in your closet, buy it at: https://gaadlawalagarage.com/collections/pyjama-tshirt/products/striped-baby-blue-pyjama-tshirt


You are: inherently positive and innocent! The color of snow, white is often used to represent coolness and simplicity. It is also associated with cleanliness. People who love wearing white are often peaceful, calm, friendly and believe in new beginnings- wiping the slate clean! So if you love white nightwear and want to add another to your night suit collection, you can check out https://gaadlawalagarage.com/collections/boxer-tshirt/products/white-multistripe-boxer-stripe


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