About Us

Contrary to popular belief, the Gaadla® is man’s best friend. Despite the day you’ve had, you turn to your Gaadla® for comfort. It is where great ideas are born, where your body rests and resets, rejuvenating your mind to prepare you for the next day. In hindsight, your GAADLA® is the most important thing in your house.

We at Gaadlawala® Garage bring you a collection of sleepwear catered to all your slumber needs. Our products include super comfortable men’s sleepwear ranging from pyjama suits to boxers, track pants and t-shirts. Keep those mosquitoes away and your family disease-free with our Mosquito Protection Net. Worrying about your mattress and sofa hygiene is a thing of the past, as we offer you Shampooing and Deep Vacuuming services. Surprise your loved ones by gifting them our Sleep Hamper which has a collection of sleep time goodies designed to delight.


Nirav Mehta aka THE GAADLAWALA® is a man who believes that sleep is the most basic human need and a peaceful one at that. He realized that just as women need their beauty sleep, men, too, deserve a great sleeping experience. The commitment to strengthen the bond between man and sleep made him venture into retail. Moving ahead into this direction, Gaadlawala® is now a "masstige" brand- bringing a luxurious line of products at attainable prices. From men’s sleepwear to sleep hampers and from mosquito protection net to mattress cleaning services, Gaadlawala® provides a line of varied products that ensure a man has a great slumber.