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We know just how precious your sleep is to you. Trust us, we find it pretty hard to get out of bed sometimes ourselves! At Gaadlawala, we're on a mission to ensure than you not only sleep well and in the right clothing, but on the right mattress as well!

Much love, 
Nirav Mehta
Founder & CEO

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Mattress & Sofa Cleaning

Did you know that in less than a year, around 30 lakh germs get collected on your mattress? It gets even grosser! Your own sweat, dust, bed bugs, and dust mites also get collected! Time to get this all cleaned up!
Gaadlawala® Grooming caters to all your mattress and sofa cleaning services!
What do we offer?
One-Time Cleaning Rates
Product Basic Rate (in INR, GST included)
Single Mattress Shampooing and Deep Cleaning 1180
Double Mattress Shampooing and Deep Cleaning 2020
Sofa Set Shampooing and Deep Cleaning (per seat) 600
Chairs Base Shampooing and Deep Cleaning (per seat, back not included) 85
Chairs Base and Back Shampooing and Deep Cleaning (per seat) 130
Carpets Shampooing and Deep Cleaning - Residential (per sq.ft. rate) 52
Carpets Shampooing and Deep Cleaning - Commercial (per sq.ft. rate) 17
 Fill in the form below stating your requirement or call us on +91 9326414266 or email us on info@gaadlawalagarage.com to book your service!
Terms & Conditions
- Mattress and sofa cleaning are currently provided in Mumbai only.
- To confirm a booking for a mattress cleaning, an advance payment of 50% of the total billing needs to be paid. 
- Once booked, the service will be provided on the specific day mentioned, or within three business days of the confirmation of the booking.
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